︎︎︎On Discomfort: Episode 3
Failed Architecture Podcast, September 2022.

︎︎︎A Cage by Another Name
Failed Architecture, April 2022.

︎︎︎Response-Ability with oola collective.
In, From, & With: Exploring Collaborative Survival,
ed.Grace Denis, March 2021.

︎︎︎The Case for Making Rent Disappear
Law & Political Economy Project Blog, February 2021.

︎︎︎Barricades, Boulders, and How LA’s Public Space Became A Battleground for the Commons Failed Architecture, November 2020. 

︎︎︎Designing for Degrowth: Architecture Against Climate Apartheid ACSA Panel on Designing for Climate Justice, July 2020. 

︎︎︎NOlympics Everywhere Uneven Earth, June 2020.

The Architecture of the People’s Housing Plan MONU 32: Affordable Urbanism, spring 2020.

Tenants’ Crisis, Rent Abolition, Los Angeles Podcast interview, Failed Architecture Breezeblocks, April 2020.  

The Last Cave-dweller of the Modern World The Smudge, October 2019.

Post-Object Form self-published, spring 2016.

PLAT Joural, 4.0: en masse co-editor-in-chief, fall 2014.


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